July 19, 2017 – Rear Admiral Mark R. Whitney, Director, Fleet Maintenance (N43 Maintenance) U.S. Fleet Forces Command, Norfolk, Virginia came to Bedford, IN to visit the Tri Star Engineering, Inc (Tri Star) corporate production facility. Whitney came to review the U.S. Navy’s topside antenna restoration and overhaul operations. Whitney was accompanied by dignitaries from the Rotating Radar Program Office (PEO-IWS/2R), Washington DC, including Howard James (PEO IWS 2R1E), Anthony Stacy (PEO-IWS/RF), and Scott Doherty (C51). Also in attendance were personnel from Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, Indiana and Naval Surface Warfare Center PHD, Damneck Virginia (Rotating Radar in Service Engineering Agent).

RADM Whitney was given a guided tour by Mr. Carlos Gaitani, Tri Star Chief Executive Officer, through the restoration facility highlighting the critical operations performed at Tri Star in support of the U.S. Navy Warfighter. During a brief session immediately following the tour, RADM Whitney stated, “I thank Tri Star for all your support and have a great appreciation of the critical efforts performed by Tri Star as well as the noticeable commitment of Tri Star employee driven excellence.” Whitney continued to give high praise to the level of Tri Star employee dedication and involvement in the development of the processes utilized in the performance of restoration and overhaul process which is invaluable service to the U.S. Fleet.

After RADM Whitney concluded his tour of Tri Star facility he traveled to NSWC Crane to review additional Radar Restoration efforts underway.