Sensor System

TRISTAR has deep technical Expertise in Electronic Warfare, Radar Systems, and Electro-Optic Systems and focus on Communication Systems and Special Operations Specific requirements. Our team is versed in Integration of sensor upgrades, Obsolescence, System Repair and Refurbishment, and Operational Test & Evaluation Support. We specialize in the following:

System Engineering: TRISTAR delivers highly qualified and experienced system engineers and senior technicians with established proficiencies in applicable legacy electronic systems and equipment. We provide engineering and technical support in the design, development, test and evaluation phases for various advanced weapon systems and subsystems. TRISTAR conducts engineering investigations to evaluate equipment operational performance and life cycle sustainment elements against applicable drawing specifications. We support the development and evaluation of Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs), perform studies, investigate and resolve issues in equipment concerning performance, reliability, technology application and program design for our customers. Our engineers perform reverse engineering on electronic assemblies that are no longer supported by an approved drawing package. We update designs to reflect obsolete and diminishing supply components replaced with newer and readily available form-fit-function components and we provide updates to the related Technical Data Packages.

TRISTAR has been awarded two DoD Value Engineering Awards:

  • 2009 DoD Value Engineering Award winner for ALQ-99 Repair parts Support
  • 2011 DoD Value Engineering Award winner for SPS-48 Linear Slats

Full Spectrum Logistics Engineering Support: TRISTAR develops, coordinates and maintains logistics cost and schedule management, risk management, and data management. We work closely with our customers to develop an Independent Logistics Assessment document package, providing updates and coordinating deficiency correction and a “kick-off” presentation to support Milestone Decision Authority decisions on various phases of ACAT programs. We also coordinate with NAVSEA, OPNAV, In-Service Engineering Agents, COMOPTEVFOR, NAVICP, and designated contractors to accurately develop update and maintain Support Data, the corresponding spares spend plan, and the allocation/distribution of spares funds. Our personnel provide logistics engineering expertise and support analysis for the development of Field Changes and Engineering Change Orders. We also participated in the development, coordination, tracking, review and update of the Integrated Logistics Support Plan (ILSP). We conduct maintenance planning and analysis to ensure compliance with USC Title 10 CORE government logistics maintenance capability and public/private partnering standards. Additionally, we perform and document Training Planning Process Methodology (TRPPM) analysis to assist in formulating manpower requirements. We evaluate, review, and assist with the development of training requirements, training outlines, and training materials. We also develop and maintain Navy Training System Plan (NTSP) and Manpower Estimate Reports (MER), and perform and document Training Situation Analysis (TSA) as needed.

Configuration Management: TRISTAR personnel analyze data relating to System equipment, computer programs, and firmware for correlation and applicability to baselines, ship classes, warfare areas, and program assets. We collect data from authoritative sources including sponsoring organizations, field activities, test teams, other contractors, and Participating Managers (PARMs). Our personnel analyze data, conduct comparisons, perform studies, resolve discrepancies, prepare reports/briefings/flow charts, and propose recommendations to our customers. TRISTAR develops new business rules to support new technologies and procedures as well as provide coordination among all interrelated tasks within the CM Program to ensure information flow, timely resolution of issues, and overall continuity of operations relative to CM processes. Our personnel provide CM support for CI/NDI Management. This includes participation in CI/NDI working groups and CM Management Teams to recommend policies, procedures, guidance, and business practices for the introduction and maintenance of advanced systems. Our personnel also perform combat system CM support for modernization programs. We provide support in the requirements definition, planning and execution of the associated CM programs, document and execute requirements for implementation of technology refreshment and insertion of CI/NDI equipment, computer programs, and firmware used in the modernization of these ships.

Provisioning and Supply: TRISTAR personnel compile and enter initial configuration and technical provisioning/re-provisioning data into databases such as the Interactive Computer Aided Provisioning (ICAP) System. Our personnel load/download files, coordinate provisioning meetings to review and finalize all Allowance Parts List’s, and analyze and develop data for sparing models for supportability, maintainability, and reliability. We also prepare reports, plans, metrics, and schedules as related to the provisioning and reliability and maintainability tasking. TRISTAR personnel developed Performance Based Logistics (PBL) agreements to support the Navy’s Training and Underwater systems. We have developed and won PBLs for Navy Radar Systems managed by NAVICP Mechanicsburg. Pa. We have coordinated the NAVICP Repair Program between major Navy Commands, NAVICP and other support contractors and DoD Systems Commands

Restoration and Refurbishment: TRISTAR’s repair and refurbishment facility is located in Bedford Indiana at the Eastgate Business and Technology Park. Our facility has 48,200-ft² The square footage allows ample space for storage and includes a 5 ton (10,000 lb) overhead crane with a hook height of 25 ft and power capabilities that include 480VAC, 3-phase, 100 A, 60 Hz. TRISTAR has complete on-site resources available to meet a variety of fabrication, overhaul, and repair requirements. We have the jigs, fixtures, equipment, vehicles, test beds, and plant equipment necessary to carry out depot level and field support work. TRISTAR performs Depot Level maintenance and repair of Surface Navy Air and surface radar systems AN/SPS-48, AN/SPS-49, AN/SPS-67, AN/SPG-62, MK-82, AN/SPQ-9B, SPS-40, including rebuilding, assembly overhaul, modification, refurbishment, disassembly, test, analysis, repair-process design, in-service engineering, upgrade, painting and disposal of parts, assemblies, subassemblies, software, components. Paint Booth, Sand Blasting, Repair, Assembly