About Us

TRISTAR is an SBA certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned professional services company supporting Department of Defense programs for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army and U.S. Coast Guard. Since TRISTAR’s establishment, they have provided cutting edge solutions in support of the warfighter and our nation.

TRISTAR was founded in March 1995, and has built a collaborative work environment which enables our professionals to create customized solutions to exceed customers’ requirements.

TRISTAR’s core competencies include full spectrum cyber security, information technology digital transformation, enterprise data management, software development, electronic warfare, systems engineering, sustainment programs, and command/control programs. TRISTAR’s core capabilities support customers with end-to-end solutions to the most intractable mission challenges.

For over 29 years, TRISTAR has demonstrated and perfected our ability to manage any task, no matter how difficult or complex.

TRISTAR is proud to serve the Department of Defense and other Federal Agencies.

Corporate Culture

“Service to our country and tradition”, these values embody the TRISTAR culture and serve as a guiding principle to each individual employee and the entire TRISTAR Team.

TRISTAR understands the important role they play and the role of direct customers in supporting the warfighter. TRISTAR’s responsibility does not end when the workday is over – it carries over into our personal lives as we provide the same approach to the communities were we live, work, and support. 

The cornerstone of the TRISTAR culture is commitment to our people. At TRISTAR we strive to be the employer of choice by being the best and the brightest in our respective marketplaces. As a certified SBA Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business we are committed to hiring veterans and supporting important veteran causes. TRISTAR provides excellent benefits, professional environments, and clear paths for success that employee’s value and customers have come to respect.

Driven to Succeed

TRISTAR’s business practices reflect years of defense industry experience. TRISTAR’s  management team has over 150 years’ experience understanding how to leverage big business discipline with small business responsiveness for success in defense community. TRISTAR’s corporate expertise includes implementation of complex contracts with multiple subcontractors using mature management practices. TRISTAR’s  team of professionals are enthusiastic and flexible in their approach to creating solutions for their customers.

TRISTAR software developers, programmers, logisticians, analysts, software engineers and program managers create innovation solutions to help their customers go above and beyond mission requirements by transforming their programs and organizations. TRISTAR develops leading edge concept of operations (CONOPS), emerging sponsor-specific and joint tactics, technics, and procedures (TTP) and have the ability/experience to develop responses to Combatant Command (COCOM) and higher-level data calls in a time sensitive manner in support of the Warfighter.

TRISTAR is a unique company passionate about their employees and customers. TRISTAR’s motto “To Be the Best you Hire the Best” and work side-side by with customers every day to ensure the best customer service.TRISTAR’s vision is to be the go-to value-added partner for their customers and employees.