Jeffrey C. Stermer

Vice President of Operations

Jeffrey (Jeff) C. Stermer is Vice President of Operations of TRISTAR with more than 20 years of management and defense industry experience leading small defense contracting companies. As Vice President of Operations Mr. Stermer is responsible for leading operations, setting overall strategy and drive process improvement. Mr. Stermer brings 12 years of deep experience managing Surveillance Radar, Maritime Electronic Warfare, Electro-Optic and Distance Support programs.

Mr. Stermer has led the growth of and supported several successful business development opportunities at NIWC Pacific, SEA 21, NSWC PHD Dam Neck, NSWC Crane and NSWC Philadelphia. He brings TRISTAR a critical resource in understanding the programs and policies in key market areas. Mr. Stermer previously held various leadership positions as Vice President and Director of Operations.

Mr. Stermer earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree, with a double major in Psychology and History, from Hiram College.