November 1, 2019 – Tri Star Engineering Inc, (TRISTAR) Bloomington, IN was awarded a five-year Long Term Agreement from Raytheon Technologies, Intelligence & Space for Teardown, Evaluation, Overhaul, Reassembly and delivery of SPS-67(v)1, SPS-49 Reflector and Pedestal and SPS-48 Antenna and Pedestal in support of NSWC Crane.  TRISTAR will provide Teardown and Evaluation (T&E), standard overhaul and repair, and supplemental repairs as necessary to refurbish inducted radar systems and subsystems, including the AN/SPS-48, AN/SPS-49, AN/SPS-67(V)1, AN/SPS-67(V)3/5, AN/SPQ-9B, AN/SPS-40, AN/SPS-55, AN/SPS-73, AN/SPS-75 and AN/SPS-77 in support of United States Navy (USN), United States Coast Guard (USCG), and Foreign Military Sales (FMS). The antennas and subassemblies will undergo a teardown and evaluation, standard overhaul and repair, and potential supplemental repairs to return the antennas and subassemblies to a ready for issue (RFI) condition. The program will include disassembly and reassembly, acquisition and replacement of designated parts, paint/coating removal, painting/coating preparation and application, physical repair, quality assurance inspections, test support, subassembly repair, technical support, shipboard system removal and installation, and safe transport of antenna systems and components to/from Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Crane and the contractor and subcontractor facilities for the radar antenna systems in the Radar Restoration Program for the radar systems in support of United States Navy (USN) and United States Coast Guard (USCG).

Operation and sustainment for deployed radar antenna systems in the United States Navy (USN) Fleet is essential to mission readiness. The Program Executive Office, Integrated Warfare System (PEO IWS 2.0), Washington, DC manages and executes the Radar Restoration Program through NSWC Crane, Radar Technologies Division.

The primary location for the performance of work under this contract is at TRISTAR Facility in Bedford, IN supporting the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane) a world-class Navy Installation providing technical solutions to the Department of Defense.

Additional Information:

TRISTAR (formerly Tri Star Engineering Inc.) originally established in 1995 is a rapidly growing Veteran-Owned Small Disadvantaged Business headquartered in Bloomington, IN. TRISTAR is a unique small business, and we are passionate about our employees and customers. TRISTAR competencies include electronic warfare, information technologies, and cybersecurity, technical services, cyber Intelligence and command/control programs, radar system restoration, sustainment and modernization, special operations support with customers spanning the Department of Defense. Our motto “To Be the Best you Hire the Best” and we work side-side with our customers every day to support their mission-critical operations and helping transform organizations.

Christina M. Agresti, TRISTAR COO